Overseas Hiring

It has been witnesses that prospective candidates are always in a lookout for overseas jobs as they feel it gives a significant boost to their career as well as personality. Overseas hiring has been preferred by almost every individual who is in search of a job opportunity. With international job opportunities, you can get the chance to explore a new horizon and boost your career in the most perfect way.

Overseas job opportunities it has a great positive impact on your life. It changes the standard of living, enhances your life skills, and helps you to learn different languages at times. When you are working at a foreign organization, you get the chance to deal with heterogeneous people and get a great chance to improvise your communication skills.

Being one of the top recruitment agencies, BCS offers Overseas Hiring for Indians who are looking to work abroad. With our innovative workforce solutions, we connect the prospective candidates with the organizations and help them in finding appropriate international job opportunities.

• Selection of manpower
- We identify the ideal candidates for a particular overseas job position.
- Our selection process is done through interviews, general assessments, discussions etc.

• Introduction to the program
- We assist the chosen candidates in getting well acquainted with the work culture.
- Conduct orientation to help the candidates in the best possible way.

• Recruitment services cost
- We charge a nominal recruitment service cost as per as our pre-decided guidelines.

• Generic contract related formalities
- All the contract related formalities are performed for the convenience of the candidates as well as the employer.
- The contract includes all the necessary details about the job position, tenure, etc. Selection of manpower.


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