Today’s uncertain market dynamics have made it necessary for both the recruiters as well as the employees to be prepared for the constant change. Many companies have decided to lay off their workforce and manage the work with limited staff. In such a situation, we provide employment to these employees who are been jobless and are looking for opportunities.

Laying off is an economic decision that is often taken by the companies to survive in tough situations. It is equally difficult for employers as well as the employees. The exiting employees often find it difficult to find job opportunities at such short notice. In such a situation, the Outplacement comes at the rescue and proffers these employees with suitable job opportunities that could help them to build a secure future for themselves.

Our outplacement services offer departing employees with an expert professional solution that they need in finding new suitable opportunities for themselves. Employees help any business to flourish properly with their skills and hard work, therefore the company should also reciprocate in the best way possible. With our outplacement services, the company can assist their departing employees in having a smooth professional transition.

• Candidate Management
- Preparing a list of exited candidates by gathering data from various organizations.
- Analyzing the preferences and capabilities of candidates.

• Employment opportunities
- Conducting focussed campaigns to identify proper career opportunities available for the candidates.
- Generating a list of jobs appropriate for the affected employees.

• Counseling
- Assisting the candidates in making the correct choice.
- Providing support and guidance to enable a smooth transition of the candidates into the new job position.


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