Govt. Placement Partnership

Many individuals are in a constant lookout for government jobs to provide various perks like housing facilities, healthcare facilities, and many more. The jobs in the government sector are also often considered a bit easier as compared to that of private sectors. Also, there are many individuals who have always desired to get into the government sector.

Government jobs provide stability and a decent remuneration to the employees. In today’s scenario, candidates desire to have a stable job which has a positive impact on their lives. Government jobs also offer various retirement benefits that intrigue many potential candidates.

BCS as a proficient recruitment agency caters to the needs of various government organizations looking for manpower in the different work profiles.
Our aim is to bridge the gap between the organizations and the potential candidates. With our seamless process, both the employer as well as the employee can gain proper knowledge about each other.

• Assessment of client’s needs
-In-depth analysis of the employer’s needs.
- A detailed review of company’s business model and job designation which they are offering.

• Creating awareness about the job position
- Posting job-related content on various online platforms.
- Creating awareness about the job application amongst the potential candidates.

• Selection of candidate
- Scan from the extensive talent base using enhanced software to be able to select the best candidates.
- Performing relevant activities like, group discussions, pre-screening, interviews etc. to get the best candidate for the designation.

• Recruitment process
- Conducting the required formalities and assisting the recruited candidate.
- Collection and handling of all the relevant data through management systems.


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