Contractual Employment

Looking for resources for temporary or short term projects? We at BCS take pride in rendering you with quality manpower for your short-term projects. If your project needs immediate resources that are willing to adjust and give their best, you can count on us. Our team can easily depute resources to your company for your fast-paced projects.

Contractual employment is a process wherein the employees are hired for a short period of time for a particular project or for the requirements of the company. Contract-based employment has gained popularity in recent times because it is beneficial for both the employer as well as the employees.

BCS takes pride in providing the companies with eligible and efficient contract-based employees to carry out their work in a better and feasible manner. With dependable and consistent manpower any organization could easily grow within a short span of time. With our seamless contractual hiring services, both the employers as well as the prospective candidates can achieve beneficial results.

• Get in touch with the employers
- Initiate the process by gaining knowledge about the needs and wants of the company
- Analyzing their business model and understanding their requirements

• Notify the candidates
-Posting the vacancies on various portals for creating an awareness
- Providing candidates a fair chance to apply for the contractual based job position

• Select appropriate candidates
- Effectively shortlisting the final candidates by correctly matchmaking their skills and capabilities with the job profile
- We ensure to finalize the candidates by analyzing the needs and wants of the employers

• Complete the entire documentation
-Collecting valid and accurate information of the selected candidates
-Maintaining a record of the candidate’s information through an efficient online system

• Joining of the candidate
- Giving proper brief to the employer and the company about the joining procedure
- Assisting the candidate throughout the procedure


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