Government Payrolling

With an extensive understanding of payroll management systems, we have been one of the most trusted payroll providers in India. Our holistic range of favourable solutions provides an efficient and accurate process for any organisation. We provide a custom-designed interface that is user friendly and easy to implement. The ultimate aim is to design a system that meets the ends of our users and also is flexible to suit the organisation’s nature of work. The manual process of managing an organisation’s payroll system is time-consuming and very heavy on cost-efficiency. Our simplified process makes the whole system more efficient by saving the man-hours which makes it economically sustainable for a firm. We enable department wise analysing with our multiple MIS reports. Such reports help us evaluate each employee’s strength in various departments.

BCS Methodology

Attendance Management System (AMS)

Employee Payroll Management System (EMS)

Easy Payroll Compliance

Employee Self Service

SMS Facility

Asset Management

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